How to install OpenDyslexic font on iPhone or iPad

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What does OpenDyslexic font look like ?

The OpenDyslexic font is intended to make reading easier for people with dyslexia. It is derived from the Bitstream Vera font . The letters are thick at the bottom, which helps to avoid confusion and to better follow the line to be read. Can I use OpenDyslexic font on my iPhone or iPad ?

opendyslexic font example
OpenDyslexic font example

Use OpenDyslexic font for writing on iPhone / iPad

Unfortunately it is not possible to install the fonts simply by downloading them. That’s why I created an application to allow you to install OpenDyslexic fonts with one click. You cannot replace the system font, but you can write documents on your iPhone and iPad.


You can use installed font in compatible applications :

If you find other compatible applications, let me know here : contact

Bonus : As it is not possible to use the fonts installed in Mail, I added in the application the possibility of writing an email with the OpenDyslexic font.

opendyslexic app icon
OpenDyslexic font app
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Use OpenDyslexic font for reading websites on iPhone / iPad

You may have noticed it, but it is not possible to simply change the font of websites if nothing is planned for.

Therefore, in 2013 I created the Navidys application which allows you to change the font of a website, and other settings to improve reading comfort (background and text color, spacing). I more recently created a specific version which uses the OpenDyslexic font.

Navidys icon
Navidys for OpenDyslexic
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